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If in doubt, dance!

Last weekend saw me in Balingup again, for their annual medieval carnivale.  Since then, I’ve been swamped under with photograph processing & a couple of extra jobs (including the House of Earnest Manhattan Manga hair show) that just stand to scream, “Spring is here!  Work harder!  Sleep when you’re dead!”  Hah!!  The blog post for Balingup Medieval Carnivale, & a “small” album of photos from it is coming as soon as I can manage.

Meanwhile, here’s something that’s just a bit of fun & kept us in fits of laughter at 3am Sunday going through photos instead of sleeping before the second day of carnivale.

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A Person’s a Person, No Matter How Small

Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.
-    Anon

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Wind Rush

December was crazy – extra hours at work, late night shifts, Christmas shopping, packing, moving house…. Yes.  Moving house.  In December.  Such timing!!  Oh so very worth it though….


This is the view from the top of the house driveway.  That large shed you see is my workshop.  It has a large storeroom, chalkboards, record player…. I’ll probably spend a fair amount of time down there.  Especially if the Outlaws really do give me that old Valiant to restore.  For now though, the plan is to use it for set building, messier makeups & spfx prosthetic making,  & occasionally as a set itself.

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Companion Through Time

This morning I lost my best friend to cancer.  He couldn’t talk to me about it.  He didn’t often complain at all, but he would sit with me &, towards the end would, cry softly – & yet never ask for a thing.  He was always there for me first.  Never himself.  He always sat beside me, or rested his head on my shoulder or lap, & never judged me while I cried or poured my heart & soul out to him.  He just listened.  Always.

He was my best friend. My brother.  My protector.  My confidant.  My companion.

My dog.

I can still remember the day that Greg & I went & picked him up as a puppy.  He was the dojo dog.  My beautiful black ninja.  He would get so excited & yodel from the backseat whenever I took him back there with me to training.  My big, part feral, cat taught him everything he knew about how to act.  That a barrel chested staffy pit bull cross could walk along the ridge capping of a super 6 fence was testament to that cat’s ability to teach.  He could clear a 7′ fence with a standing jump.  Yet when he got up on top of the dining table, he cried out for help due to not knowing how to get back down.

He was with me through all of the hell that was year 11 & 12.  He sat with me while I studied for my TEE.  He stayed up late into the night watching the latest Star Trek releases.  And the classics.  He was with me as I prepared before my wedding & was part of my photos.  He’d have walked me down the aisle with my Dad if it wasn’t for those ridiculous laws the Australian Government brought in against his breed.  He was fiercely loyal & protective.  He’d put himself in between me & any perceived danger.

Rest in Peace, Ozzie.  My faithful companion.  Thank you for your time & for all the wonderful memories.

February 1998 – October 2011.

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.:Shoe Project:. Thongs Questionnaire!

I’m almost up to my ears in research for this book, but here’s a little more that I’m still needing to source.  It would be wonderful if you could comment on this post with your answers to the below questionnaire, or (if you’d like to keep your answers private) email me ( shoes at dragancaor dot net ) & put the title of this post as the subject line.  Please let me know your age & the country you live in – after all, this is for research & that’s a vital part!

This is a questionnaire about thongs.  To save on confusion, I’ve included a photo of the type of Thong I am referring to. [winks]

  1. How old were you when you got your first pair of thongs?
  2. How many pairs do you currently own?
  3. What is the most you’ve ever owned at once?
  4. How often do you wear them?
  5. Where are you most likely to wear them?
  6. What is the average price you pay for a pair?
  7. What is the most you would pay?
  8. What is your cheapest pair & how much were they?
  9. Where do you normally buy them?
  10. Have you ever owned or would you consider wearing/owning a pair of “Woolies Blues” (those good old cheap blue & white ones they’ve always sold in Woolworths supermarkets)?
  11. What do you call thongs?
  12. Where do you live? (City/Town, & Country)
  13. How old are you?
  14. What’s your favourite &/or most hated memory of/in a pair of thongs?

Edited to fix confusion in questions 10 & 11. Also to add in an age question (as requested in the paragraph above, but not originally included in the questionnaire).

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Indoor Outdoors – 03. The Beginnings

Back at Dave’s, we opened up the sliding doors into his dining room.  He’d already moved the dining table & side tables out of the room in preparation.  We rolled out the underlay, but not without having a little fun.  After all, we’re not only laying plastic grass inside the house, but we’re doing so over the top of his rather lovely floorboards.

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There’s been an ongoing joke amongst my friends & colleagues that I see the world through my lens.  Never before have I actually seen exactly what they meant.

I know that everyone sees things differently… but it’s a rare thing when we actually get to see how differently.   When I look at something, I unconsciously note the lines, angles, lighting, & frame it all within my head.  I didn’t realise I also factor in depth of field, different angles of view (as in, ones that would involve standing elsewhere to actually see), & perspective warping.

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Attack of the Plaid Pumps

So I quite possibly just did the worst thing yesterday…. I fell in love with a pair of shoes.  I know, it’s not at all surprising that I’m looking at shoes considering the book I’m writing…. but normally I can browse quite safely with a good bonus to my will save.  To be honest, I don’t recall how I got onto this particular website in the first place; either my mother (a quite seriously afflicted shoe addict) linked me or someone else did.   Needless to say, I’ve not been able to get them out of my head at all since I first laid eyes on them.

They’re a pair of Mary Jane Pumps, with a 6 inch heel… for $143 (AUD) before postage costs.  Four different colours to choose from & my mother takes one look at them on my screen before looking at me & saying, “Those are definitely a pair that if they fit, buy every colour.”

She was right though.  I wanted them first in the red plaid, then the pewter, the red cloud & lastly the black, & I knew then & there that I’d wear them all.  A lot.  In fact, I know what I’d wear them with.  Which jeans, skirts & dresses that I have already, which shirts & tees (because the plaid will go so brilliantly with my D&G skinnies & a particular Thinkgeek tshirt I love).  And I don’t have red plaid pumps yet.  I have boots & chuck lookalikes… & I have peeptoe pumps in charcoal plaid, but not red.  These had it all – spike stiletto, buckles, extra straps, platform… & their colours were something that wasn’t everyday.

So I did the only thing I could.  I showed two of my fellow shoe addicts; Jenna & Erin.  Jenna suggested 3 cheaper Aussie stores that she goes to for her fetish & pole shoes… which sadly don’t stock the brand that make this shoe.  Erin chased them down on Google until she found them under $100 including postage.  Give the woman a medal; $75 including postage from the US.  And the exchange rate?  Hot damn I love the strength of the Aussie Dollar right now.

So I’m looking at a pair of shoes I want in four different colours, that I couldn’t get out of my head when they were going to cost me $200 each… that I can now get all four for a total of $300.

I’m going to need to roll a natural 20 on this will save.

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Leisure Shirt…. & Stickers!!

By now, many of you know about my Shoe ProjectLet’s face it; meeting me & not knowing about it within moments is pretty difficult.  Even strangers on the street with shoes that catch my eye find out about it very quickly as I ask them to pose their clad feet for a photo.

Anyway.  There’s a photo from this project that has very fast overtaken every other photograph I’ve taken so far as my hands down favourite.  The three pairs of thongs & piles of brightly coloured leis.  Apparently it isn’t just my favourite.  People have begged me to make it available as a matted/framed print, on canvas & as greeting cards…. & today I took it a step further.

It’s now available as tshirts, hoodies & stickers!

Yes.  I’m excited about it.  Aren’t you?

It took me hours to get the edges done & be happy with them.  I’ve spent most of this afternoon & night working on it.  But it’s finished!!  And available!!  And because it’s on Redbubble you can get free postage if you order four – so if you get a group of your mates together you can save yourselves some cash!

Personally, I think it looks best on purple.  But the fig green is pretty awesome too.  As are both the blues (though I think I prefer the pale one best).  Choices!!  I might possibly end up with four just for me in different colours.  Why not?

After all, I do it with shoes.

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.:Shoe Project:. Questionnaire #1

This is not a meme, but it is a questionaire. I would really appreciate it if you listed your answers to as many as possible as a comment here or by emailing me (shoes at dragancaor dot net), & please use the title of this post as your subject line if you email..  Yes you have probably seen it before if you follow me on livejournal, & if you are one of the wonderful people who have already taken part in this questionnaire, thank you & you don’t need to do it again.  Unless you want to due to changing your collection or your viewpoint over the past two years.

You are more than welcome to comment anonymously, though it would help greatly if you tell me where in the world you are. For example; South Australia, Minnesota, Ireland. Your age would greatly help too, even if its just an age bracket & isn’t exact (5-12, 13-17, 18-21, 22-30, 31-50, 50-70). Also, please let me know if you are male or female.

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